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Auto Repair Mission Viejo, CA

British 4×4 Auto Repair in Mission Viejo, CA is an honest quality mechanic that instantly becomes customers’ new go-to shop thanks to our affordability, tremendous care and superb education of vehicles. With services like regular check-ups to diagnose troubles, such as auto engine repairs, transmission upkeeps, and transmission rebuilds, British 4×4 Auto Repair in Mission Viejo desires to maintain each vehicle’s health so you can accomplish every errand and extracurricular activity on the agenda.

We want our roads to remain safe and efficient. Therefore, British 4×4 Auto Repair in Mission Viejo strives to fix locals’ cars and trucks, as well as those of folks passing through our lovely neighborhood. We are attentive and knowledgeable concerning every break mishap, oil leakage, flat tire, fussy noise, and any other inconvenience that bestows upon your car, because we know how important it is to drive around this glorious town we are happy to call home!

Our Services Include: 

We Love Mission Viejo

With temperatures brushing the 80s all year round, we are proud to work in a sun-shining, warm city, where the crime rate is lower than 75 percent of cities in the nation. The appealing Californian lifestyle, friendly neighbors, perfect weather, and pleasant scenery all lay in Mission Viejo, named “California’s Promise” since it fulfills these likable expectations so perfectly. Here, sidewalks are lined with trees, hills picturesquely roll, and houses are sculpted in the Spanish-style with stucco walls and barrel roofs.

Also recognized as “Tree City USA”, Mission Viejo is home to over 45,000 trees and nearly 100,000 residents – a delightful intertwine of nature’s freshness and beauty in this down-to-earth community.



Years ago, nothing but roaming flocks of cattle and sheep grazed upon the lush, grassy slopes, and the land was determined as “undevelopable”. Due to the geological complexity of the terrain, it had very little use to farmers.

However, a ranch called the Rancho Mission Viejo herded cattle and horses, strategically moving them from pasture to pasture in order to maintain the utmost sustainability of the flourishing grassland. For about a century, open spaces, herds of cattle, and the O’Neil family operating the ranch were the only notable things to be found for miles.

Then came along realtor Donald Bren with a master plan to build a community on this land with homes laced atop the valleys – one of the largest master plans in the USA. Funded by a Spanish land grant, soon plenty of houses sprouted amongst the ground and the slowly growing green urban community became a lively city worth visiting.

Today, the Rancho Mission Viejo is still in business, herding cattle, sheep and more animals on the happy, spacious fields while practicing the O’Neil family’s passion of sustainability.


Fun Things to Do in Mission Viejo 

Whether you play volleyball, shop at chic boutiques, stand up paddleboard beneath the sunset, relax by the lake, boat, or fish, Mission Viejo has plenty of opportunities for fun-filled activities. Take a visit to the old Rancho Mission Viejo, stroll the streets, and unwind under the sun!

Here are a few more of our favored activities:

  • The Golf Course – a beautiful course for members only. We hope to see you swinging your clubs with us!
  • Kaleidoscope courtyards – three floors of eateries, movies, and events make this a hopping place for kids and adults of all ages.
  • Saddleback Theater – the wonderful Saddleback College offers live entertainment on warm summer nights on its cozy campus.


Driving the kids from practice, exploring the town on date night, cruising to see friends across the county, or wherever you plan to spend your weekends, a reliable car creates a convenient way of transportation.

A dependable, local mechanic like British 4×4 Auto Repair in Mission Viejo improves the community by providing honest quality services to cars. It is our passion and dream to fuel the community with our talents, allowing you to happily drive your foreign or domestic car safely and soundly. We have had great feedback on our past services, and look forward to seeing you soon! We are always willing to do a routinely check up to ensure your car won’t be a stress when you are far from home! Nobody wants to deal with the troubles of a broken-down vehicle, but follow these simple maintenance tips to stay atop your car’s health, and give us a ring for expert vehicle advice!



Our Location:

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