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Car maintenance is important. People often neglect car maintenance because it doesn’t seem convenient or necessary.  This neglect can cause bigger, more expensive problems to manifest and can be dangerous or life threatening to those that you are transporting in your car. But sometimes car maintenance is neglected just because people don’t know when exactly their car needs maintenance. The most important type of maintenance that car owners should consider is anything that has to do with auto engine repair. The engine is the most important (and often most expensive) part of your vehicle, it’s extremely important that you know when you need to take it to an auto engine repair in Mission Viejo.

*Beware of the Check Engine Light – This is an obvious sign that people tend to ignore. The check engine light is the most convenient indicator that you need to get your engine checked out. It is important that you do this right away. Chances are you just need some small routine maintenance like an oil change, but it’s better safe than sorry! Here are three signs that you need to take your car to an auto engine repair specialist

3 Signs That You Need Auto Engine Repair

Oxygen Sensor Needs to Be Replaced

  • One reason why the check engine light comes on is that there is something wrong with your oxygen sensor. Your oxygen sensor is the part of your engine that monitors the unburned oxygen from the exhaust and helps to monitor how much fuel is used. It can often need to be replaced after years of wear and tear as the sensor gets covered in oil ash. Replace this right away or face the alternative of eventually needing a new catalytic converter, which can cost $2,000 or more.

Catalytic Convertor Needs to Be Replaced

  • Speaking of catalytic converters, this is another issue that might cause your check engine light to come on. The catalytic convertor’s job is to reduce exhaust gases by converting carbon monoxide. This problem can be avoided by the proper routine maintenance but if you do find yourself needing a new one, it should be fixed as soon as possible before your car gives out completely and unfortunately this is a complicated job that can’t be done at home so it is important to find a quality auto engine repair in Mission Viejo right away.

Spark Plugs and Other Wires Need to Be Replaced

  • Spark plugs seal the combustion chamber on your engine, which provides a gap for the spark to jump across and initiate combustion. If your spark plugs aren’t doing their job, that means that at they are misfiring which will cause you to feel a small jolt in your car’s acceleration. Spark plug replacement is inevitable.  Cars before 1996 should be replaced every 30,000 miles or so while the newer ones need to be replaced after 100,000 miles. Luckily spark plug replacement is inexpensive, so get this done right away!


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