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Auto Repair Lake Forest, CA

Our Legacy and Commitment

All of us have attended a dealership or auto body repair shop that has appeared to be a little more conniving than we had hoped. Few of us truly understand all the nuisances that make a car run successfully, making it easy for shops to lure customers into products and repairs that are not needed. Our staff at British 4×4 has experienced the same scheming cycle in our own automobile endeavors, which is why we set out to make the bold difference in Orange County. For over 20 years, the mission of our family-owned company has been to provide excellent, trustworthy service to our valued customers. We take pride in our work and our goal is to make sure you leave feeling completely satisfied.

In the constant humdrum of human commotion, it’s difficult to accomplish some of the tasks we desire to do, let alone the unwanted and unplanned undertakings that pop up suddenly without warning. We can be coasting down life’s highway, singing to our favorite mixtape, when we are unexpectedly pelted with a shower of debris from the flatbed driving in front of us. Somehow, you must take care of a damaged car on top of taking the kids to and from school, fixing dinner, driving to your sons baseball game, attending your daughters violin recital, setting up for the church’s Christmas play, and finishing your project proposal for the office. Two flat tires and a dented bumper may just have to be a worry for another day. However, here at British 4×4 we strive to take the worry out of the vehicle maintenance industry, knowing our customers are just as invested in their own lives as we are with ours. Whether you need a simple tire rotation or a major overhaul, we welcome our community through fast, affordable, and reliable maintenance so you can get back on the road once again.


Auto Repair Lake Forest

With such a morally driven staff and shop, it was important for us to plant our business in a community that reflected the same beliefs and desires that we hold for ourselves. That dream town became the community of Lake Forest located in the northern region of Orange County, California. The city has two manmade lakes, which is where the city gets its current, iconic name; however, its original founding was under the name El Toro. “El Toro” translates to “the bull”, an appropriate name given by its Mexican founders who were enthralled by the lands strong but beautiful appearance. It is the presence of the bull that still brings heart to this community who seek to reflect its virtues by being strong protectors for one another, but gently honest and kind in our upbringing as well.

Lake Forest also shares the adventurous spirit of the bull in its many diverse outdoor activities. Some of our favorites include the Lake Forest Beach and Tennis Club, which is the perfect ocean getaway without having to fight the southern California coastal traffic. Designed for various recreational sports, anyone could enjoy a quick game of basketball, volleyball, or tennis before hitting the sauna to unwind. Of course, there is always the lake’s sandy shore to visit for a quick dip in the clear water or a barbecue bonfire on the beach. Not to mention, Lake Forest’s many Recreational Parks are available to the public for even more outdoor fun in the sun. During the summer, the city hosts a concert at Pittsford Park and always displays an elaborate firework show over the lake during the Fourth of July season. The community is also keen on supporting their local businesses by holding a farmers market every Thursday afternoon for vendors to display and sell locally grown or hand-crafted products.

With such great weather (consistently around 750F year-round), amazing activities, and an outstanding community, it’s hard to see why anyone would want to leave. However, if your taste for adventure reaches beyond the city limit, the many connecting roads and highways are sure to take you anywhere your heart desires. Limelight Los Angeles is only a short, 30-minute detour north, Disneyland is just a song away, hometown sports stadiums and convention centers are within reach, and the California Coastline is just a breath away.

Our Services

With so many exciting events, you may find it difficult to go into work, but at British 4×4 we take joy and pride in our profession knowing its what we love to do and will allow our community to internally connect to each other. If your car, however, is not getting you from point A to point B as efficiently as it could, stop by and let us handle the nuts and bolts. Our excellent services are capable of, but not limited to:

Automatic and Manuel Transmission Repair

Engine Repair

Body Reconstruction

Internal AC and Heating Units

SMOG Preps and Check

Exhaust and Emissions Check

Fuel injections

Oil Changes (First One is Free!)

Tire Rotations

Vehicle Diagnostics


Other General Tune-Ups and Fixes

Connect With Us

Don’t be bogged down with the weight of the world resting on your shoulders. Let us lighten the worry by taking care of you and your car with compassion, respect, and affordability. Let us answer any of your maintenance questions or schedule your next appointment with us by calling (949) 364-4496 or visit our home website at British 4×4 for more helpful hints and tips to help you and your vehicle. We look forward to getting to know you!


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