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Possible Reasons Your Car Isn’t Starting

Battery Issues: The number one reason for cars not starting is because there are issues with the battery. If this is the case for you, the problem is probably one of two things: Dead or Corroded Battery: If you’ve had your car for a while, there’s a good chance that your battery connections have become corroded which can sometimes break the connection that your battery has to your car, causing it to stall, or not start at all. If you can see corrosion on your battery posts clean them off and then try starting your car again. If that didn’t work, your battery might be dead. If you happen to have a battery tester, check and see if your battery is weak, otherwise you should try to jump-start your vehicle. If your car starts, head to a mechanic to see if you need your battery replaced. Fuse Issue: Another common reason that the car won’t start is that there is an electrical issue with the fuses. This could very well be the reason that your car isn’t starting. If you suspect this might be the problem, check your fuses to see if that’s the issue. Ignition Issues: If you’ve gone through the battery troubleshooting and your car still isn’t starting, there may be problems with your ignition. Starter Connection Problem Test the connection with a circuit tester to see if there is a problem with the wire that connects to the starter. If when you test the connection there is a current to the starter but it isn’t spinning, your starter may need replacing. Ignition Switch Problem To check... read more

Air Conditioning Repair

Do you find yourself worried about how much you’ll sweat on the way to work because your air conditioner doesn’t work? Are you so embarrassed to have people get in your car because you don’t want them to be uncomfortable and hot? We completely understand. Having a broken air conditioner in the Southern California is the absolute worst. Having a functioning Air Conditioner in So-Cal isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Even in the winter the sun is blazing hot. Most days its much too hot to be driving without an air conditioner in your car. No one should have to endure that, but before calling your mechanic to see about some reasonable priced air conditioning repair, here are a few things that could be wrong with your air conditioner and a few ways you can go about fixing it. Does your Air Conditioner have weak air flow? If the answer to that question is “yes” here are a few things that may be causing your issue: The blower hose (the hose that supplies the air to the blower unit) has come loose. Your car’s ventilation fan is fried Your car’s air conditioner has accumulated mold or mildew inside of the evaporator core from moisture. Your seals (blower hose seals, evaporator core case seals, core case seals) have opened up. If you’re having any of the above weak airflow issues give British 4×4 a call. If you’re not quite sure if those are the problems that you are having, keep reading, we’ll help you get down to the source of the problem. Is there a weird or unpleasant smell... read more

Car Issues You Still Call Your Dad For

So you’re a grown up. You pay your own bills and live your own life. But there’s one thing that no matter how old you get you always have to pick up the phone and call Dad: CAR PROBLEMS. Because we all know that dads know everything. But let’s face it, it’s time to put on that pull-up and be a big kid now and solve your own car issues. No more calling daddy for every little tiny noise your car makes. Here’s some quick knowledge that everyone should know so that you can skip out on the phone call to dad next time. Daddy, My Check Engine Light Just Came On…What Does That Mean?   Your check engine light can turn on for a variety of reasons. The important thing though, as I’m sure your dad would confirm, is that you get it checked out right away. If the light is blinking than your car probably needs some immediate professional attention. But if it remains steady, you have a little bit of time to check things out yourself first. First things first, try these simple tricks to see if it’ll get that pesky light turned off. Tighten your gas cap and make sure it’s not damaged Reduce Your Load (remove or adjust a trailer) and slow down (Keep in mind that it may take several trips before the Check Engine Light turns back off.) If you do all of those things and the light is still on, here are a few things that your checked engine light could mean one of these car issues: Oxygen Sensors are failing... read more

Import Auto Repair

A good auto repair company is hard to find in Mission Viejo; especially when it comes to import auto repair. It is important to have a business that understands imported cars and how to efficiently and correctly repair those cars.   If you have a question or a gut feeling that a car repair shop is not qualified, it is time to find a new shop. Foreign vehicles can be high maintenance when it comes auto repair. They require technicians that specialize in handling their particular needs.   Foreign cars include brands such as BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedez, Volkswagon, etc.. These cars do not only cost a fortune to purchase, but also cost a pretty penny to maintain.  British 4×4 offers affordable auto maintenance on foreign vehicles.   You can talk with various people in the Mission Viejo area to see where the best import auto repair shop is, but they will all same the same thing. British 4×4 provides top quality services, affordable prices, and the best customer care.   It can be hard to trust someone, even a trained technician, to operate on your import car. That is why you want to be able to find someone who has experience on your exact type of imported vehicle.   Import auto repair in Mission Viejo needs to be able to get work done quickly so you can be sure to get back to your own work and life. British 4×4 can make sure to get your import auto repair finished in a timely manner. While it may not always be easy to find an import auto repair in... read more

Cheap Brake Service Near Me

It is the cringe-worthy sound that drivers despise. From the Los Angeles traffic and the constant  slamming of brakes, it can be pretty fast to have to replace brake pads on your car here in Southern California. Brake costs on a car add up fast, so when it comes to having to replace brake pads, it would be nice to be able to find cheap brake service near me. Finding A Cheap Brake Service Near Me   Cheap brake service at auto repair places in Mission Viejo can be easy to find but locating an affordable and reliable place may be difficult to find. Checking in with Yelp to verify they are a professional and family friendly service is very important. Sure, it is possible to do it yourself, but the process is time consuming and treacherous. The constant wonderment of if you are doing it correctly or not. Is it cheaper to do it yourself or to have someone else do it for you? If you have all the right tools to do it yourself, you can save money. However, if you don’t have the time, it is best to find an auto repair shop in Mission Viejo. If it is for a Range Rover, it can be a bit more difficult to change the brakes than it seems. It is important when having an auto repair shop fix your brakes to make sure they know what they are doing. Just because it is cheap it is important to properly vet reviews and see how experienced they are and how their service is evaluated. If they are friendly, reliable and... read more

Affordable Automotive Repair

Affordable automotive repair is hard to find these days. With the ever-escalating price of products and services it can be hard to know when you’re getting a deal and when you’re getting gipped. But there is good news! With free resources from the Internet, you can find affordable automotive repair and care. For starters, it’s important to realize that automotive care businesses are almost always having sales and specials. Do your research and take advantage of this! Affordable Automotive Repair : Get the Best for your Buck If a product or service is on that list, type it into your search engine for local listings that are having specials on those things! You’d be surprised by how much money you can save with Internet coupons!When finding a special, your going to want to make sure that your affordable automotive repair shop is professional, honest, and has a great reputation. Professional: Check their website for sure signs of professionalism. Read their mission statement and find out what they specialize in. Honest: Don’t be hesitant about asking questions to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. An honest, reputable mechanic will be upfront about the products you are getting, the services you are paying for, and the amount of time that it will take. If you’re not sure about something, call a few other mechanics and repair answers Reputable: Check the Internet for reviews of the affordable automotive repair shop that you are looking into! Be sure to leave your own review after you have received a product or service from them! Here is a brief list of services... read more

Quality Auto Repair

Finding your quality auto repair can be tricky, especially when it seems like there are so many options to choose from. You want someone that you can trust when it comes to taking care of your car. While there are many different qualities to look for when selecting your quality auto repair, at the end of the day, a quality auto repair should root themselves in two principles: affordability, and honesty. The good news is, once you find a consistently affordable and honest quality auto repair, you don’t ever have to look for another one again. Details of Quality Auto Repair Affordable: Any quality auto repair will do their best to make sure that they provide you with affordable options when it comes to your car’s maintenance. They will make sure that you have all of the information they have when it comes to what they are paying for. A person working at a quality auto repair will be clear with you about what you are paying for in parts, shipping, and labor. If you are unsure about the price of the service you need provided, do not be afraid to ask around to other quality auto repairs and get estimates so that you know that you are getting the best for your buck. Honest: Along with affordability, honesty is just as important when it comes to choosing your quality auto repair. A mechanic at a quality auto repair will be upfront about the condition your car is in, and explain to you everything they are doing in a way that you understand. They are always open to answering... read more

Auto Interior Repair

Taking care of your car’s interior is just as important as taking care of the exterior. Auto interior repair can often be a bigger hassle than exterior repair, so it is important that you are consistently maintaining the inside of your car so that you can avoid spending that extra cash on damages. Maintaining your car’s interior doesn’t have to be expensive and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Here are a few economically friendly suggestions on how to prevent the need of frequent Auto Interior Repair Solutions   Fixing car-seat upholstery: Unsightly holes on your cars upholstery can be frustrating and expensive to get repaired. One quick and easy Do-it-Yourself way to fix the holes are to grab an upholstery needle, high-strength thread, and a piece of fabric that matches the upholstery of your car. The whole process shouldn’t take more than half an hour (depending on bad the whole is) and should only cost you $5-$8. Cleaning Leather Seats: To quickly return your leather seats to looking like new, grab a clean cloth and some leather shoe cleaner and get to work! Cleaning Dirty Carpet: With people getting in and out of your car all day with their dirty shoes, your carpet tends to pay the price. Getting your car vacuumed professionally can often be pricey and yield mediocre results. It is much more efficient to get the job done yourself. Buy liquid carpet cleaner from the store and then use a stiff nylon brush to loosen the dirt. After that, use a vacuum to soak up the mess. For best results, use a steam vacuum. If you don’t own one, there are many local places where... read more

The Best Auto Repair

Let’s face it, driving in southern California can sometimes be extremely risky. With phones, radios, other devices and distractions, accidents are inevitable. Whether it is a fender bender or a major car crash, how do you find the best auto repair place to go to? How do you know who to trust when it comes to giving your car the best care, price and service? Here are some ways to find out how to know. Hearing various stories about repair shops telling individuals the repairs will range from $300 to $1,000 for the same job is astounding. Having a company who tells you up-front what is truly wrong and how much it will actually cost is something we all long for. The Best Auto Repair: Prices Depending on the damage or whatever is needed to fixed, it is important to know that if something feels off about the price, it probably is. Make sure to get a second opinion regarding the repair and the price. There are many stories about repair shops saying prices are more expensive than they actually are and the repairs are greater than actually needing. By having a second opinion there is more room for individuals and consumers to have a trust in the product and business they are paying for. The Best Auto Repair: Location Auto repair in Mission Viejo can be easy and yet difficult to find. While there are a lot of options, finding the right place can be hard. If there is a larger staff working there, the prices may be higher in order to accommodate the staff, while if it is... read more
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