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Laguna Niguel Auto Repair

We love Orange County and one of our favorite parts of Orange County to do business in is Laguna Niguel. As a Laguna Niguel auto repair, we pride ourselves on not only providing quality, ethical, and professional services but we also make an effort to provide the best customer service as well.

As a Laguna Niguel Automotive Repair, one of the services that we specialize in is Transmission repair. You may need a transmission repair if you find that one of these things is happening:

  • Your car won’t shift into gear
  • There are strange noises coming from your vehicle
  • Your car is emitting a burning smell
  • You notice that there is fluid leaking from your car
  • Your Check Engine Light is on

If you notice that one or more of these things are happening to your car, don’t wait, bring your vehicle in right away and we will do our best to diagnose and fix the issue.

Some of our other services that we offer as a Laguna Niguel Automotive Repair are:

There are so many wonderful places to go in Laguna Niguel that you’re probably driving all the time. It’s important that you bring your car in for it’s routine maintenance to make sure that a fabulous day trip to Laguna Niguel Lake or the Niguel Botanical Preserve is never spoiled with a transmission problem or any other mechanical issue.


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Laguna Niguel Auto Repair

British 4×4 loves being a reliable, affordable, friendly automotive repair in Laguna Niguel. You deserve quality service, and that’s what we are all about. This is what has made us into a premier, independent Land Rover service and repair facility.

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