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The Most Reliable Off-Road Vehicles of 2016

The Most Reliable Off-Road Vehicles of 2016

Are you looking to get your own off-road vehicle?

While these are certainly popular, not all off-road vehicles are as reliable than others. With this in mind, you’ll want to get the best off-roader you can, and the only way to do so is to do your research on which are the best and most reliable of their class. The most reliable off-road vehicles will have a few traits in common, such as the best off-road capabilities which include all wheel drive, all terrain, and more. Fortunately, this guide will help you find the most reliable off-road vehicles of 2016, helping you narrow down your choices to only the best.


The Top 5 Most Reliable Off-Road Vehicles of 2016

The following off-road vehicles are deemed the top, most reliable models of 2016. They include:

1. Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

most reliable off road vehicles
Source: 2016CarsComingOut.com

Perfect for going from the lot to off-road, the Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro has all the class and beauty of a business car, but can more than handle all terrain. Its off-road capabilities include 17-inch lightweight wheels, matte black TRD alloy wrapped up in 31.5 inch Nitto terra Grappler all-terrain tires. The interior sports an advanced Entune Audio system, as well as Available Multi-Terrain select, which allows the driver to choose from four modes that regulate wheel-spin when on different types of terrain. Unfortunately, the 4Runnner has rather poor fuel economy and “busy” ride, as well as low towing capacity.

For pricing and more details, go here.

2. Ram Power 2500 Wagon

2016-Ram-2500-Power-Wagon-front-three-quartersSource: Automobile Magazine

A heavy duty vehicle, the Ram Power Wagon is a solid car that contains both rear and coil-link suspension. It also has 6 speed automatic transmission as well as a 4:10 rear axle ratio. In short, this is one powerful off-road vehicle that is as reliable as it is sturdy. A frontrunner of 4×4 vehicles, this car is one of the most reliable off-road vehicles of the year. However, this vehicle does have a lower fuel economy as well as limited driving capability- only the most experienced drivers will be able to handle it’s off-roader prowess. For further details and price, go here.

3. Ford F-150 Raptor

most reliable off road vehiclesSource: Paultan

Certainly one of the most reliable off-road vehicles of the year, the Ford F-150 Raptor is just the next generation of one of Ford’s most powerful off-road lines. Some of its off-road capabilities include intense speed (100mph!), a lighter design, and 10-speed automatic transmission. This also means drivers are in for a rather bumpy ride and, though it has not been officially announced yet, a high price, but overall reviews have been highly positive for this vehicle. For more details, go here.

4. Land Rover Range Rover

2016-range-rover-evoqueSource: Uncrate

The 2016 Land Rover Range Rover will cost well over $100,000, but it may be worth each and every penny! A luxurious cabin, swift acceleration with optional supercharged V8, and more, this is certainly one of the most reliable off-road vehicles of the year. It has a long-wheelbase body that offers maximum rear seat comfort, diesel engine that offers great fuel economy, and extremely capable off-road abilities. Unfortunately, this vehicle also lacks a smooth ride due to its larger wheels and heavy body. This also makes for heavy steering effort on highways. For more details and pricing, go here.

5. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock Edition

wrangler_hardrock_hero_3 Source: Jeep

This vehicle is a one of a kind off-roader with top of the line hardware that truly makes a difference from it’s earlier models with its new and improved off-road capabilities. With Dana 44 axles, a 4:1 transfer case perfect for easy slow-speed crawling, and a swaybar disconnect system that helps free up the suspension on tougher trails, this vehicle definitely packs a punch on even the roughest trails. Of course, though this off-road vehicle is reliable, it does have a few drawbacks. These include a rather bumpy ride on even the smoothest roads, and a limited accessibility. Only the most experienced drivers can really handle it, making it more for a select group, rather than for the masses. For more details and pricing, go here.


These off-road vehicles are the most reliable in their class, making them the most desirable vehicles of the year. Though they may not offer the smoothest ride, true off-roaders know that multiple terrains are choppy, rocky, and overall busy. These cars can handle them all, so you can’t go wrong with any choice!

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